PhD Students

Lei SuIMG_4178_a

Lei joined Professor Dai’s group in spring 2015. After receiving her B.S. degree from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in China, Lei earned her M.S. from University at Buffalo. Her current work focuses on developing a molecular level understanding on pesticide transformation processes on leaf surface, including sunlight and atmospheric oxidants induced processes. Lei believes her work could help better predicting the environmental fate, transport, and risks of pesticides, and eventually lead to better pesticide management.


Jiale Xu

Jiale joined Professor Dai’s group in August 2015. He received his B.E. (June, 2013) from Beijing Normal University and M.S. (December, 2014) from University of Illinois at Urbana and Champaign in Environmental Engineering. His research focuses on minimizing the occurrence of disinfection byproducts in wastewater reuse, such as the removal of disinfection byproduct removal in forward osmosis, the transformation of disinfection byproduct precursors by sunlight in de facto reuse, and the development of anti-fouling membrane systems. Jiale wishes to pursue a career in industry or academia to advance water reuse. Outside of work, Jiale likes playing table tennis, tennis, basketball, and badminton, but swimming is a nightmare for him. Jiale’s profile on Research Gate and LinkedIn.